Faculty Budget Committee Proposal

The following proposal was put before the Faculty Senate on March 5, 2024 by Prof. Zuckerman. See our full coverage of this meeting.

The Faculty Senate shall create a Faculty Budget Committee (FBC) to advise the administration on all budget-related matters. In addition to its ongoing advisory role, the FBC would be charged with working with the APC in all matters related to budget reductions that affect the academic mission directly or indirectly, as well as with working with administrators to provide access to and knowledge of campus budgeting processes.

Note: Prof. Zuckerman agreed to a friendly amendment to omit the rest of the proposal:

The committee shall have five elected members from the faculty senate, representatives from other faculty senate and faculty committees as relevant (e.g. Faculty Compensation Advisory; Diversity & Inclusion; Libraries; Undergraduate Curriculum; Research Council) and three administrators – the EVC the VC of IANR, and a representative from Office of the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance – who are nonvoting members of the committee. This committee shall elect a chair for a one-year term. The chair will serve an additional term as the past chair. A chair elect will be elected to serve as the next chair and following that term as the past chair.  

In collaboration with the EVC, VC of IANR, and Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance, the FBC shall hold annual budget meetings during the spring semester with each college, school, center or other academic unit in which leaders from each unit will present detailed budget information for that unit. This information shall include an update on their budget from the past year, strategic goals for the next 3-5 years, and how those goals connect to budget projections.

This committee shall host, with the Senate Executive Committee, an annual fall semester budget and finance academy with the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance open to all members of the faculty and staff to learn about the university budget and its current financial status.

The committee shall advocate for college, school, center, and other academic level faculty budget committees, as well as annual meetings at this level with each dean or unit leader. This committee shall work with the Faculty Executive Committee to promote the importance and value of faculty service for every faculty member on campus.