The Bugeater is a digital publication hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

The Bugeater’s mission is to promote academic freedom, advocate for fair labor practices and shared governance, and support public higher education in Nebraska.

We publish commentary on university policy, labor conditions, political and legislative developments, and the educational environment in Nebraska. We accept submissions that speak to these issues from anyone at UNL or beyond. Please see our submissions page for details.

Editorial Team

The Bugeater is maintained by a team of UNL AAUP executives and members, including:

  • Amanda Gailey
  • Julia Schleck
  • Christina Falci
  • Beth Niehaus

You can drop us a line at thebugeater@protonmail.com.

History of Our Name

Nebraska was known as the Bugeater State in its early years. The name had multiple meanings–it referred to the nighthawk or nightjar, a crepuscular bird that eats insects in midair. It also may have been originally intended as a slight against the state’s struggling farmers. Residents accepted the nickname with pride, and sports teams in the state adopted it in the nineteenth century, including a baseball team in Omaha and the University’s football team. Eventually some Nebraskans pushed for a change, and we became the Cornhusker State in the early 20th century. We love the term’s history and local significance.